The Workshop

Keeping it real. That’s what we do. Real wood furniture, made by real people, for real life. Real roll-your-sleeves-up hard work with a true craftsman’s eye for the small stuff. Those little details which make all the difference. Every single piece of furniture and shelving is handmade to order, built in-house and designed to last a lifetime.

Step inside the workshop and see just what we do, and who makes your furniture, just for you.


Dispatch have a bit to do this afternoon! The workshop team has been really busy hand-making our furniture and shelves and there’s plenty to get out of the door with the couriers today. Don’t worry, they’ll get through it all, and it’ll all be on its way to its new homes later today.


He’s part of the furniture team, busy creating our dining room and bedroom furniture. If you’re a rugby fan you may be interested to know that Craig is a former Scotland international RFU player.


Our workshop manager, Jordan is responsible for the workshop team and for making sure all our handmade furniture and shelves are completed on time and to our usual high standards. We prise him away from the workshop every now and then to help us out with the “How To” videos, so if you’ve watched one of those, you’ll have seen Jordan putting up our shelves and mantels.

Wax Finishes

All our furniture and shelves are available in a choice of wax finish colours. So you can choose the perfect finish for your home. These wax finishes are applied by hand in the workshop, where one of the team carefully applies them to ensure they show-off all the beautiful natural characteristics of the wood.


A joiner by trade, Kevin started the business in 2013. So now, nearly 7 years on, we’re making shelves and furniture for you wonderful people, and delivering across the UK, ROI and into Europe, all from our workshop in the North East of England.


He’s our operations director, which sounds like a lofty title, but basically means he makes sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. That can be from planning our new workshop layout right through to packing up our wood samples for customers, if everyone else is busy, or using his photography expertise to take photos of products for our website.


Simon’s our logistics and supply chain supervisor – he’s in charge of our raw materials arrive on time so our workshop can keep crafting our pieces. In other words, he’s quite a busy man!


Sean is a member of our furniture team. He handcrafts pieces including bed frames, chests of drawers, sideboards and more. You keep him very busy!

The Timber Store

Each and every shelf or piece of furniture that’s made in our workshop starts life in our timber store. As the orders come through the timbers are chosen specifically for that piece, and are taken through to the workshop to be cut down to size ready to be turned into a handcrafted piece, just for you.


Kal works in dispatch, packing all the furniture and shelves and contacting the couriers to come and collect our parcels when they’re ready to be shipped out to customers.

We get plenty of comments about how well wrapped and secure our parcels are – it’s down to Kal and the team’s attention to detail!

Handcrafted, just for you

All our furniture and shelves are made to order. That means a piece of wood
from our timber store is chosen specifically for you, cut to size, sanded,
waxed and turned into your shelf or a piece of furniture.


If you have one of our shelves or mantels in your home, it’s Jimmy who chose
that piece of wood for you. He selects the timbers and cuts them to size.

Ready to Install

All our shelves and mantels come ready to hang on your wall. The shelves have predrilled holes and the mantels already have the fixings on the back. All designed to make it as easy as possible for you to put up your shelves and mantels at home, by yourself, following our simple instructions or videos.


It’s John who puts the fixings on the mantels and drills the shelves for you.


Chris is a talented joiner, who is part of our furniture team. He also works closely with Andrew, our product designer, on bespoke customer requests, and any new furniture we’re considering introducing into our collections.


Sophie is our Marketing Manager. She manages our website, social media channels and all the brochures and literature our customers’ receive. Sophie also works closely with Andrew on new product design and curates our accessories collections.

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